Thursday, February 28, 2008

I never gave it much thought...

...but Lordy, am I white. Or more accurately, I'm apparently a white stereotype. I was recently turned on to the joy that is Stuff White People Like, and I am CRYING over here. No joke. I'm literally quaking with laughter. And the tears? The tears, they just won't stop. Because it's just so damn true. As of this minute, I've only made it to page 2, and I haven't found a false word.

I can see how some might find it divisive, but with the laughs it's giving me, I just don't care. Seriously... Chris Rock makes fun of black people, Jeff Foxworthy makes fun of rednecks, Margaret Cho makes fun of her Korean grandmother, Carlos Mencia makes fun of... well, just about everybody. What could possibly be divisive about a white person rolling with laughter over a white person making fun of white people?

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Lisa said...

You and Pari both blogging! Welcome! Glad you joined the club!