Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ahhh, that didn't take very long, did it?

I've been tagged for a meme:

5 things in my fridge (oh jeez, yeah, I live in Wisconsin):
  • skim milk (in glass bottles, from the dairy linked under "Madison Stuff")
  • half and half (again, in a glass bottle)
  • cheddar cheese
  • cottage cheese
  • yogurt

5 things in my closet:

  • boxes
  • empty suitcases
  • clothes
  • old bridesmaid gowns (yes, multiple)
  • blankets

5 things in my purse:

5 things in my car:

  • The flowered bead on a black cord that has hung from every rear-view mirror in every car I've ever owned
  • cell phone charger
  • mail
  • the empty cup from the diet Coke I was craving yesterday morning
  • orange-scented Armor-all wipes

5 people I want to torture with this meme:
Eh, if someone wants to do it, they'll do it.

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