Saturday, March 29, 2008

Reason #865793 Why I Love the Internet

Facebook is an interesting creature. I found out a couple of weeks ago that my friend Dan knows not only one of my cousins, but Sherri of Sherri Jackson Photography, who I've known since 1999 (go look at her stuff - it's freakin' amAzing. Seriously). The cousin thing probably shouldn't have been a huge surprise since my cousin went to the same college as Dan and I, but I had a "huh?" moment when I saw Sherri on his page.

What really threw me though, is something I found out a few minutes ago. Facebook has this thing called "People You May Know," where it sees that a person knows a few of the same people you know, and lets you know about it, so you can add them if you know them. It showed me a guy in NYC - someone I don't know from a hole in the wall - who knows two of my friends who I'm 99.999999% sure don't know each other, Erica and Scott. Erica is a blogger extraordinare at both swirlspice and Minneapolis Metblogs. Scott is none other than J. Scott Wilson, the Food Editor for IBS, and author of such columns as Diary of a Fat Man, Ask the Cook and the Weird Chronicles. I've known Erica since 1999 and Scott probably since around 2003.

I know it really shouldn't, but it just blows my mind that someone I don't know, who lives 1000 miles away from me, knows two people I know who don't know each other.

Clear as mud, huh? I suppose he could be saying the same thing - how does this chick in Madison know these two people? Unless he's just not as easily amused as I am.

And where did I meet Sherri, Erica and Scott? The same place I met my husband - on line.

"Teh Inernets" is a wacky, wonderful place, no?


Kitka said...

I've just started exploring facebook and amazed at who I've found - so happy about it too.

I don't know how to find you though :(

~lifedramatic~ said...

That's crazy!

I don't have a facebook account and I've kind of migrated away from myspace. It was great when i was looking for a date, or something, but now, not so much.

I have to compliment you on the blog list, I've found lots of interesting reading over there. I'm even there... how kewl!



Erica M said...

I'm trying to think of who all I know in NYC.

Isn't that crazy, though? I keep seeing this happen on Twitter, too.