Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Kat!

¡Olé! by Bouncing Souls makes me happy.

For quite a while, a bunch of us got together every year and went camping at Rock Island State Park. ¡Olé! started out as the camping anthem, then eventually turned into something more.

When Bryan and I met with the douchebag guy who was to be our wedding DJ, he asked what song we wanted for the Grand March. Neither of us had any clue at all, so we said we'd come back to it. About halfway through the meeting, I gasped - I'd had my lightbulb moment. I pointed at Bryan and said "¡Olé!" His face lit up, and he said "¡Olé!"

It was settled.

One of Bryan's groomsmen (and very good friend of ours), Matty, didn't know it was going to be our Grand March song until he heard the first strains as we lined up. I'll never forget the way he turned to us with a big goofy smile on his face and chuckled, "you sick fucks!" Much amusement ensued.

Much amusement... and a tradition. Since then, I can't remember a wedding in our social circle where ¡Olé! hasn't been the Grand March song.

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