Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yay Cah-lee-for-nee-ah

I am absolutely thrilled.

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Jules said...

In support of my home state, let me just say IT'S ABOUT FRIGGEN TIME.
While most of my extended (& direct) family would vehemently disagree with my point of view, I have one anyway & it goes like this:
I don't honestly care who you're kissing. I don't care if that person eats meals only every third day of the week, or if they are blue in color, or if they walk backwards instead of forwards. I don't care if they purposely mispronounce words, & I don't care how their "parts" fit into your "parts". None of that changes MY idea of marriage one bit.
If you respect each other, & you are there for each other, & you decide that you want to dedicate your life in marriage to one another, I'll be there to throw rice, birdseed, flowers, or condoms.
So on behalf of Edward & Dave & Tim & Simon & Joan & Jill & Sandra & Joanna, my congratulations. I can’t wait to hear stories of your wives & husbands in the days, weeks, months, & years to come.