Saturday, June 14, 2008

La la la...

I recently came across - and joined - a Facebook group called "Yes, I'm a voice major. No, I can't sing something for you NOW."

I don't talk much about the fact that I majored in music in college or that I'm a classically trained vocalist because quite frankly, my last voice teacher totally sucked ass, my voice was never the same after him, and I haven't done anything serious in almost 10 years. But the second (most) people find out, they typically want to hear me sing. Last night was no exception.

My girlfriends and I were out at the bar, just sitting around, drinking and talking, when a couple of guys came over and started talking to us. They were doing the whole "acting interested" thing, and asked us about college, etc. One of them (who was out celebrating his one-year anniversary of being out of the military) asked what my degree was in, and rather than taking the time to explain that I left college before I got my degree, I simply said "music." One of my girls outed me as a singer, and what were the first words out of his mouth?

"Oh, we should totally go to a karaoke bar right now."

Okay, military man, fine - but first, you drop and give me 20. ;)

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