Tuesday, October 14, 2008


To the owner of a black Exploder traveling south on Fish Hatchery Rd. this afternoon.

I had my signal on. I had it on for quite a while. So why is it that you hung back, looked like you were letting me in, then sped up and blared your horn at me like I cut you off when I got into your lane?



Jules said...

Just for you (and Jerkwad), I've posted an "open call for comebacks". Drop by and rant freely. :-)

Vinegar Martini said...

Now see - that's when there should be a law allowing us to keep paintball guns in our front seats. So if you see a big honking black explorer with a jerkwad at the wheel - and said big honking black explorer is covered with paint blotches, you KNOW - before he does something to you, that he's a jerkwad so you can get out ofthe way or ram his sorry ass off the road!