Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thank you, Taj!

I love Indian buffet. My two favorite Indian restaurants here in town only have their lunch buffets running during the week, so I typically don't get to have Indian food unless I'm having a night out with my ladies, since I don't work close enough to an Indian restaurant and only get 35 minutes for lunch anyway, and I won't get myself takeout for dinner because if I'm sitting at home eating takeout by myself (damn opposite shifts), I'm not paying 15 bucks for an entree.

Enter Taj. I only recently found out that they offer lunch buffet 7 days a week and today was the first opportunity I'd had to try it.

While their basmati rice was a little on the dry side, while I prefer Maharaja's naan, while I prefer India Darbar's chicken tikka masala, Taj will still get my weekend business, because hey - their buffet is open.

Thank you, Taj.

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