Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today blows

The day started so well! I got up, showered and made-up in more than enough time to finish getting ready at a leisurely pace and maybe even stop at Starbucks for a hot cocoa before work. It was A Good Thing. I was Happy.

Um... yeah - cancel that fantasy.

Neither one of my hairdryers would work in the bathroom, and I wasted far too much time trying to make it happen. I finally brought them both into the office/craft room (I use my craft table as a vanity in the morning, so it's not a stretch), got one of them to function and dried my hair there.

Then I realized when I took my clothes out of the dryer (I don't "iron" so much as "tumble"), that the dryer was still on high from when Bryan did towels yesterday. My clothes never see anything hotter than low, so there was a moment of panic and a few moments of shirt-stretching.

Then while I was getting dressed, my deodorant broke - you know when you go to put it on, and it's so close to the end that it just crumbles off the base and chunks fall all over the floor? Fun times. Off to the bathroom to grab the travel-size stick we keep in our "Guest Services" box.

Then I got to work, made it through first break, then quickly began to feel like crap. So I came home, and now I find that a message board that I co-admin is down (for the second time in five days), and only one of the admins (sadly, not me) has any degree of contact with the actual site admin, and even that has to go through someone else (for any board folks who may be reading, yes, we're looking into other options).

It's not even NOON!!!

EDIT: Apparently the board's up and the error I got was just a fluke. Thank goodness.

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