Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Kat!

The new commercial for the Discovery Channel makes me happy.

The extended performance headed up by Mike Rowe and a bunch of schoolchildren makes me happy, too.


Reeny said...

OHMIGAWD. I love Mike Rowe and Discovery Channel! :)

Need to put this on my iPod. There is Bear Gryllis and the Deadliest Catch guys! :)

Unknown said...

This commercial should be even longer. Two lines of song per cameo. That's how good it is.

Jules said...

Seriously - I wanna have a Boom De Yada "Hands Across America" day thingy. And shirts - I MUST GET SHIRTS.
SO glad y'all are digging this like me. I musta played it like 150 times since I found it.

Renee - ya' may already know but Mr. Rowe is a professionally trained singer and his speaking voice, in person, is FAR deeper than on TV.

(oh & glimpse behind the scenes? Yes, Adam really DID torch Jamie's sleeve. No, it didn't leave a mark. Yes, it was staged. Yes, they did it many many times.)

Reeny said...

Yeah, I know that Mike was an opera singer.

I loved the Deadliest Catch guys, they were hysterical. It sounded like they couldn't carry a tune to save their lives.

I wonder where (and why) this was taped. I loved this so much that I put it on my own blog. :)

~lifedramatic~ said...

Awesome! I watch Discovery all the time, but I usually fast forward through the commercials. I love that!