Monday, February 25, 2008

Has winter finally broken? (read: holy crap, Kat left the house!)

At what I hope is quite near to the end of Madison's snowiest winter to date, we had some nice weather this past weekend, and I did more socializing than I've probably done in the last two months. After temperatures in the single digits, even negative digits, it felt GOOD.

As Madison is such a culinarily diverse city, many outings revolve around food, no shortage of which I had this weekend. Food which I will likely speak of with regularity. This will be one of those times.

C called on Friday night, saying she'd had a craptastic day and could I please meet her for drinks? Well, how could I turn that down? We settled on Ginza. Mmmmm... sushi, vodka cranberry with lime and some nice one-on-one time (not that kind, ya pervs) with one of my best girls.

Also on Friday, L emailed me to see if Pari and I wanted to meet up with her and her other half for lunch at Takara on Saturday. Mmmmmm... a bento box and some bubble tea. Sadly, they were fresh out of the beef negimaki I'd been craving, so I made do with shrimp tempura.

Then on Saturday evening, Quizzy called to see if I wanted to have dinner. She was sans husband and kids for the weekend and wanted Italian - Gino's on State St. came through in a big way. Sweet, sweet Lambrusco (a very guilty pleasure for this drinker of big, bold reds), a great house dressing with marinated veggies, tortellini Bolognese and the best garlic bread I've had in ages. Probably the most authentic little Italian joint I've been to in ten years.

Saturday night had us meeting up with our lunch dates for drinks at Genna's. Yay! I love me some Genna's.

Sunday, we got a call from a friend whom we haven't seen in a while, who has also been having a craptastic time of late. Cheeseburgers, fries and cheese curds at Packer Inn. Sometimes life just calls for a greasy ghetto bar burger.

And now... we wait for spring.

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