Monday, February 25, 2008


A little over a year ago, circumstances found Pari and I living in Fond du Lac, missing our friends L&C. L had just taken a new job, which required relocation to our lovely state capital, somewhere Pari and I had wanted to live for a long time.

While we were living (and I was working) in Fondy, Pari was working about an hour away - just north of Appleton, with all the joys of that particular commute. We'd been bouncing around the idea of moving to Appleton, where I would have been able to, without much problem, land a job at his company doing pretty much the same thing I was already doing in Fondy.

However, a move to Appleton would have even further removed us from our friends and his family. In my infinite wisdom (ha!), I said "hey, wait a sec... if I'm going to look for a new job and we're going to move anyway, why don't we both just look for new jobs and move to Madison, where we'll be happy?"

In the space of a week, we'd gone from "hmmm, tha'd be nice," to "okay, we've got an appointment to look at a condo next weekend." We both landed the first jobs for which we interviewed, and the move went quite smoothly (thanks to these guys). As of Thursday, April 12th, 2007, we were officially Madisonians.

Things went so well that it left us wondering if the other shoe was going to drop. We didn't need to wonder very long. Drop it did, in a big way. My job didn't work out, but thanks to my mad sales 'skillz' giving me a very comfortable income during Q4'06, my resulting unemployment checks were enough to live on, when combined with Pari's wages. Unfortunately though, we were stuck in a holding pattern - since we were okay financially, with Pari's blessing, I took my time finding a job that would be a good fit. Unfortunately, with the uncertainty of not having a job or health insurance, we still played it safe for the duration, just in case. We didn't go out much or do much socializing at all, despite there being so much to do here. As Pari put it, "while there are plenty of amenities for the haves, there is not much left for the have-nots... or at least the have-only-sometimes like [kat] and me."


I am once again gainfully employed (with health insurance to follow shortly, thank goodness), so I'm calling a do-over. MULLIGAN!

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