Sunday, April 20, 2008

This is for all the geeks in the audience...

The ones who want to know something about me that they can understand, that is. ;)

A lot of my friends are currently or have previously been gamers. So when I came across a quiz that would supposedly tell me what I would be as a D&D character, I thought it would be at least semi-amusing to find out... so I did.

If I was a D&D character, I would be a... drumroll, please...

True Neutral Half-Elf Bard (4th Level)

Ability Scores:

I've been told by my better half that my stats suck, but that could very well be because my quiz answers were guided by my sometimes limited self-efficacy.

There was a whole lot more info about what exactly a true neutral half-elf bard is, but those who have even the slightest idea of how to interpret what I've written so far don't need the explanation - and those who don't have a clue what I'm talking about are probably rolling their eyes at the sheer ridiculousness of this post anyway. I would have been more than happy to put it in an extended entry, but Blogger doesn't have that function, and I'm not alert enough at the moment to care about screwing with my template to include a hack.

However, I will add a few points:
  • True Neutral just barely edged out Neutral Good and Chaotic Neutral, followed closely by Lawful Neutral and Chaotic Good. On the lower end of the scale, it turns out I'm more Chaotic Evil than Lawful Evil. Weird.
  • Half-Elf just barely edged out Human. I am most decidedly NOT a Half-Orc (my god, did I seriously just write that?!)
  • Bard was followed closely by a tie between Sorcerer and Wizard, with Monk and Paladin dead freaking last - by a LOT.
So there you have it. Now maybe my geek friends will understand that when I say the only reason I'd ever play D&D was so I'd have an excuse to buy pretty dice will realize that there are just some people who shouldn't play. I'm one of them.

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