Monday, June 16, 2008

Buyer's market?

Just checked an online morgage + interest + property taxes calculator. Nope, still can't afford to buy. I've seen advertisements to "own for less than you pay in rent!" Okay, maybe if you're only taking your mortgage payment into account. But then there are property taxes (and in our case, condo fees, since there are no houses that meet our must-have list in anything even remotely approaching our price range). There is nothing in this city (or the suburbs) we could afford to buy and have the same monthly payment we have now, without it being an anxiety-inducing money pit (aka fixer-upper, in the ghetto, or both). And since we both work in the city, any money we'd save by moving further out would be eaten up in gas costs.

Oh well, we have 9 months left on our lease, anyway. Maybe next year.


Kyle/TheBookPolice said...

Got the site address?

kat said...

To the calculator? Sure... PITI Calculator