Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Kat!

My internet-fu makes me happy.

With how much time the other half and I each spend on the computer, you'd think we'd be a two-computer household. Sadly, not so. Not until a couple of weeks from now, that is.

We've been on a strict budget for a while, we've got enough money to pay the bills, and we've got a (tiny) savings stash, so we decided that it was time to bring our technological possessions up to par with our technological habits. What better time than now, with the stimulus check in our hot little hands? Actually, we've been planning this since we first heard about it.

We had a budget (ironically, the exact amount of our stimulus check), and my IT-workin' better half customized a machine for us. And what a great little machine it was.

Bargain hunter I am, while he was customizing the machine (at work), I was busy poking around online for a coupon code (at home). I found one for a HUGE discount, but it required that the customized model be more than our budget allowed. Thankfully, the discount was more than enough to make that point moot - score!

I took what the husband put together, upgraded the memory AND the processor, added Paint Shop Pro for myself, got the discount, and we paid LESS than we would have for the machine in its original incarnation. I rule!

Now, if only I could justify the price of the beautiful, black leather laptop bag I want (not happening).


Renee said...

Congrats on the new computer! I love Paint Shop Pro. I 'conned' my bosses into buying that for us a few years back. LOL. (Of course, it was loaded on a few machines at home).

Unfortunately, I cannot convince them that I need Adobe Creative Studio for Mac. :-)

Good luck with the new 'puter. Got any names for it picked out??

kat said...

Heh - yeah, I doubt I'd be able to convince my bosses I needed that, either.

Its name will be Denzel.

~lifedramatic~ said...

Yay for the new computer and more importantly your OWN computer!!