Sunday, August 31, 2008

Six years ago today... pantyhose fell down.

Happy anniversary, Pumpkin!


Kyle/TheBookPolice said...

Happy anniversary!

And my fiancee-lady wants to know if they were thigh-highs, or all the way above the tummy ones, or what. She's concerned about a failure of the basic laws of physics during your nuptials.

kat said...

Thanks! :)

They were all-the-way, over-the-tummy, honest-to-goodness real pantyhose. However, I'm more than a little overweight, and my tummy is larger than my hips (you can see a semi-decent pic of me here - I'm the fat chick in the hat holding the corn boat), and I neglected to put the hose on first, so they went on over my holy-crap-this-is-tight sucking-in undergarment, which facilitated the slippage.

But seriously, they were totally unnecessary. You recently mentioned being just over a year out, so if the day itself seems like it will be during anything approaching sandal weather, and the gown is long enough, she could probably totally get away with bare legs and a nice pair of white Isotoners or strappy sandals. Unless of course she finds ultra-fabulous non-strappy-sandal shoes she cannot bear to be without.