Saturday, August 9, 2008

Very-recently-wedded bliss

Prompted by something I saw on the 'net about wedding day disasters, I thought I'd share. Not a disaster, but funny nonetheless...

My husband and I were very lucky. We planned an outdoor wedding with no backup plan for inclement weather. It was overcast that day - the perfect weather for great photos - and the only "hitch" that day was ours.

However, our first conversation as man and wife will never be forgotten. We'd just said our vows and been pronounced man and wife, and as we were walking back down the aisle, I had a slight "wardrobe malfunction," as evidenced by the following conversation:
Me: "Oh s***!"
Him: "What's wrong?"
Me: "My pantyhose just fell down."
I spent my time as part of the receiving line with my hose around my knees - and with 14 attendants and well over 100 guests, the line was long and crawled at a snail's pace - then immediately went to the ladies' room to remove hose and shoes and change into my cute and comfortable white slippers I'd purchased for the occasion.

There are only two or three pictures in which you can see my feet, and it would not have noticeable at all had I worn the slippers the whole day. I totally should have skipped the stiff, uncomfortable, expensive shoes altogether.

But anyway, so yeah, not quite what I expected for my first conversation as a married woman. I guess it just goes to show that while your wedding day can be the best day of your life - as mine was - you're never too far away from real life.


Kyle/TheBookPolice said...

If you're anal like me, and I suspect you are, you'll want to take all that text below your very funny first conversation, and put it between the following tags:

< div style="line-height: 1.6em;">

< /div>

(just take that space out)

Blogger sucks for reformatting your text after a tabbed or bulletted list, or blockquote. This fixes it.

kat said...

Your suspicion was correct. Thank you - it was bugging the crap out of me.