Saturday, April 12, 2008

Heartless Greedy Scumbags

UPDATE: They're letting him out of the lease. Though part of me wonders if they would have without the media coverage. But I'm a cynical bitch that way.


No better title can be imagined.

On April 2nd, 21-year-old UW student Brittany Zimmerman was found dead in her apartment, the killer having forced his or her way into the apartment that Brittany shared with her fiancee, fellow student Jordan Gonnering. Jordan was the one who found her dead in the apartment.

As if being the one to find your fiancee's lifeless body in the home you made with her isn't horrific and traumatic enough, the property management company from whom they rented, Wisconsin Management Company, will not allow Jordan out of the lease.

"This is horrific. It's beyond embarrassing," said a source at the UW who is close to the matter and in regular communication with Gonnering and representatives from Wisconsin Management. Gonnering was too shaken to call the landlord himself, so sources at the UW say high-level university officials reached out on his behalf numerous times.

Sources working on Gonnering's behalf also say Wisconsin Management Company would not agree to change the carpets or re-paint the apartment until they further evaluated the situation."

The article goes on to say that the President of the management company would not commit to letting Jordan break the lease.

I understand that legally, WMC isn't obligated to let him out of the lease. But what kind of heartless, cheap, greedy, money-grubbing scumbag do you have to be to not let a 21-year-old student out of the lease of an apartment where he found his fiancee brutally murdered?


Stay tuned to this local Madison message board for community reactions and updates.

And of course, feel free to contact them at 1-800-480-2080 to voice your displeasure.

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