Saturday, September 13, 2008

What did you just call it?

I grew up calling it a ponytail holder, my husband calls it a hair tie (and having been here for 10 years, I've picked up the term), a friend at work calls it a ponybopper.

I'm sure you know that I'm talking about the elastic band that holds your hair in something resembling the hair growing out of a horse's rear end.

So what do you call it?


preTzel said...

I call it a hair band. Heh. I don't remember what I used to call it but I've called them hair bands for years. I used to use rubber bands but quit because of the damage they cause your hair and bought the non - rubber and started calling them rubber bands. LOL!

Lisa said...

I call the elastic band a ponytail holder, but I call the hair that stick out of it a pig tail!

Kam said...

I think you're talking about what I've heard called a "scrunchie".

Jules said...

The "holder" itself was referred to as a rubber band, no matter the material it was made from. Sometime around the 80s, I started hearing "scrunchie".
(And, since this is the shortest my hair has ever been, I've always had ponytails.)

Erin said...

I've always called it a binder. ;)